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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A busy spring!

Wow, it has been a busy spring! I have recently started volunteering for BullyPaws Pitbull Rescue out of Fredericksburg Virginia and it has taken up a lot of my free time! I have also been spending a lot of time planning my daughters 4th Birthday Party that is coming up on April 16. I am hoping after Easter things will slow down a bit. I would like to have a little time to read, and in return be able to write some new reviews since I have seriously been slacking in the review department lately. I recently purchased a Kindle, so I am super excited about that! I am hoping this will help to speed up the time it takes for me to read a  book. I am a member of Netgalley, and I have requested a couple of titles that I am excited to read and review. I think this year will bring a lot of great books, and in return keep me quite satisfied with living in the fantasy world and out of reality as much as possible! :-)  Take care and Happy Reading!!!

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  1. Oh, I'd love to have a Kindle! Maybe it can be some future gift request, birthday or Christmas. Have you read Adriana Trigiani's Big Stone Gap series? Love them. And I live near Big Stone Gap - go there once a week to visit my dad in nursing home. I don't get to read much, because when I do, it's ALL I do....