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Friday, January 28, 2011

Find Your Better Half Contest!

It's CONTEST time! The nice folks over at Norwood Unleashed have started a really unique contest and it's going to be for a great cause. 
Here's what you do:
 The purpose is to find your dogs doppelganger, a.k.a. a dog that looks similar to yours but is the opposite gender, on Pet Finder!
When you find the perfect match write a blog post about your findings.
Then, email the post to norwoodunleashed@gmail.com.
For every entry one dollar will be donated and whoever gets picked as the winner gets to choose which charity the money goes to!

So after searching Pet Finder for a very long time I have finally found matches for my two dogs.

Here is my Barley girl:

And here is her look alike from Pet Finder, his name is Atari :-).


Here is my boy Jax:

And this is his look alike from Pet Finder, her name is Daisy! :-)

This was really fun to do! Everyone should try it..after all it is for a good cause! ^.~

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  1. i'm a new GFC follower! follow me?! i have a "blog about your dog" post every monday that you would love!! =]