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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

Romance, Suspense and, Kick ass fight scenes! That’s what you’ll get when you read Angelfire.

Ellie Monroe is an ordinary girl who loves going to parties, movie night, and hanging out with friends. That is until her seventeenth birthday when she meets the gorgeous and somewhat mysterious Will. Ellie finds herself drawn to Will but is unable to understand why. It isn’t until Will reveals he is her guardian and has been fighting by her side and protecting her for more that five hundred years. Ellie in return discovers she is the Preliator, a reincarnated ancient warrior who is meant to fight the shadowy reapers who kill human kind and condemn their souls to hell. These reapers are out to rebuild Lucifer’s army for the next battle against heaven. It is Ellie’s duty to save the human race and prevent the end of days.

I really enjoyed this book and found the new viewpoint on the “old topic” of good vs. evil a breath of fresh air. I liked the idea of the Fallen, and that they were split into good and evil sides.  I also found the premise of the reapers to be quite interesting and ultimately frightening. My favorite part of this book is by far the Fight scenes. Finally, a female MC that can kick some major ass and not go all weak in the knees! Who doesn’t love a MC that can wield blades engulfed in angelfire and kick some Meany butt!  Not to mention the sexy tattooed, sword-wielding protector fighting by her side. These fight scenes will keep you on the edge of your seat. They are action packed and suspenseful with just enough gore to get the point across. The scenes were written so elegantly that it appears like a movie playing before your eyes, and make you feel as though you are apart of the action!

 Character development was good and I felt they all had fully developed personalities. However, I did find it hard to like Landon. I felt as though he was a little over done, and not as endearing as the other characters. I felt as though his outbursts toward Will were a little unprovoked and not believable. Will and Ellie are of course the stand out characters and there relationship is quite beautiful. A relationship forged in battle that has connected them in every way to one another , except for the way they both yearn for. Forbidden to love one another, but live and fight beside one another day in and day out has proven to be too much. Will and Ellie are in love, and the romantic scenes will leave you swooning, if not a little misty eyed.

This story has a very serious and somewhat heavy topic, but it is by no mean weighed down. It is a story of discovery, sadness and most of all love.  This book has taken me on an incredible ride to the hell of the reapers, then to the clouds of the angels.  I cannot wait to continue this incredible adventure, and I look forward to the day when I can submerge myself in the world of Angelfire once more.


  1. Hey! Im a new follower and found your blog through Bookblogs!

    I am also going to read Angelfire so thanks for your review! I also have a suggestion, perhaps you should also post an image of the book. That way you'll have an image and not just a huge wall of text!

    Anyways, I can't wait for your future posts and would love if you checked out my blog and told me what you like or didn't like :>


  2. Thanks for the suggestion! :-) That does look a lot better. I am still trying to figure out how everything works, so any suggestions are very welcome!

  3. I loved this book! Great review! I love your site! Can't wait to read more :)

  4. Good review, Crystal! I agree that a review without a book cover pic. is hard to "sell" to readers. :] I love your blog background...so beautiful! I'll be back to visit more! Come see me, too! I'm a friend from Book Blogs network.